I’m curious how this blog will develop. If it will have anything to do with my research or just include random thoughts… I do a lot of writing already but in the form of a journal. A pen, a journal and the strict rule that nobody is allowed to read it. Under these circumstances I write very honestly when I write in my journal. I have no intention of letting anyone read these journals, ever. They are kind of an external consciousness – a playground for my brain to converse with itself.

This blog, however, is a different writing environment. The things that I will write here will be different than the things I normally write and that’s mostly because I presuppose the existence of an audience. I have had a couple blogs in the past but they failed because I wasn’t sure what to do with them. I was inspired to start this blog in part because of Rudy Rucker’s blog and the style he writes in. He mixes images with his words, giving his blog more depth and making it fun to read.


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