So I’ve been done moving my stuff into my new apartment since Monday. I’m waiting to get used to my new environment here on the other side of town. I’ve still yet to determine where the closest grocery store is, where I can feed my late night hunger attacks and where I can just sit down with a coffee. The building I moved into is new and not very fascinating. The goal of building student housing isn’t style or comfort, the goal is to shove as many students in as little space as possible. It is new though and I’m not complaining – just musing over the appearance of the place (a wall of doors). Once you realize that each of those windows is connected to a bathroom and that every place looks the same inside (except the corner apartments) the whole thing seems a little too simple.


The area I now live in is much more modern and less urban (surprise, surprise) from the “old” city of Heidelberg. Instead of looking out my window and into a law firm, I look out on to horse pastures where horses are allowed to graze in the afternoons. (There just happened to be no horses out when I took this picture).


I have something right outside my window called a “French balcony”. It doesn’t look like any balcony I’ve ever seen before so I call it “don”t let the American fall-out-the-window-late-at-night-ony”. Who knows, if it wasn’t there I could possibly come home one night and walk right out my window. In any case, I feel bad for the fellows whose mishaps necessitated this invention.


I haven’t even been here for a week yet but am nonetheless anxious to feel at home here. We’re still waiting for one more roommate to move in before we lay down the laws of the apartment – for now we’ll have to stay an anarchistic living quarters.


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