success is holding a shovel…

indiana.jpgSo I scored a job. As far as I know (how far do I know?) I will be helping Archaeologists dig for things that are apparently buried. I talked with the boss today and was told to wear pants that can get dirty, to bring a rain jacket, that I’ll eventually need health insurance “certified” boots and that I needed to bring food because the work is in the middle of nowhere. I’m going to be picked up the train station and then delivered to the top secret dig site. I start on Friday and am expecting Indiana Jones-esque adventures and mishaps. The only problem was that the diggers in the Indiana Jones’ movies were always the first ones to have their soul sucked out, to be bitten by a snake or otherwise seemed prone to fall from high places. As soon as we find something I’m going to yell, “it belongs in a museum!” and run with the item through the fields as fast as I can. While running my coworkers will (hopefully) be chasing me with spears and shouting…

With this job I’ll earn enough to live, eat and buy a book or two – I’ll also only need to work two days a week which means I’ll have time to accomplish those tasks that currently require my presence in Germany.

This latest development has definitely calmed me down and is, hopefully, the last stressful/pressing issue that I have to deal with for a while. I do, however, have to go back to my most beloved government building in Heidelberg and try to acquire a tax-number so I can receive money for my efforts. As much as I was hoping to get a job at the university in some (any) capacity I am excited at the prospect of doing some nice physical labor.


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