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Aus einer Doctor-Promotion

Götzen-Dammerung. 29

“Was ist die Aufgabe alles höheren Schulwesens?” – Aus dem Menschen eine Maschine zu machen. – “Was ist das Mittel dazu?” – Er muss lernen, sich langweilen. – “Wie erreicht man das?” – Durch den Begriff der Pflicht. – “Wer ist sein Vorbild dafür?” – Der Philolog: der lehrt ochsen. – “Wer ist der vollkommene Mensch?” – Der Staats-Beamte. – “Welche Philosophie giebt die höchste Formel für den Staats-Beamten?” – Die Kant’s: der Staats-Beamte als Ding an sich zum Richter gesetzt über den Staats-Beamten als Erscheinung. –

pictures… well, kind of

I did take my camera to work and I did take a couple of pictures during lunch break. The pictures don’t look that great because I was in a hurry to eat and rest. Sitting down to my sandwiches I was politely reminded that I was not to “publish” the pictures until we were completely done. The archeology company I work for is afraid that someone will take my pictures and write an academic article on them – as if they had done the work themselves. Is academic thievery really that rampant? Is it even possible to write a convincing archaeological project with only a couple of (bad) photos as a source? If someone is really keen on stealing archaeological data all they have to do is stop by – people on walks look at the dig and talk to us all the time. They could also try and get the film footage from the news team that visited our excavation and write their academic piece from those moving pictures. In a related area: I’m told to not even “blog” about my dissertation just in case there is a desperate philosophy graduate student who is so uninspired and so unimaginative that they would take my theme and call it their own. Bah!

In respecting the company’s wishes I’m posting only the “uninformative” pictures I took (“uninformative” also means “not very exciting and or boring”). I’ll post the other pictures (full size even) once we’re completely done and I will reveal to the world all those enticing dirt formations that we’re currently keeping hidden.


The excavation is quite large – there is another long strip of holes and “stuff” around the corner to the right. The German winter isn’t the most comfortable environment to work in. Today I was shoveling in some blazing 29(ish) degree weather (Fahrenheit).


My hair turned white during the morning hours. It wasn’t snowing but my sweat crystallized to make me look like an old man.  The small box looking thing at the end is our shelter/tool shed.  From the far end of the excavation it is a good 5 – 7 minute walk to get there.


I’m afraid that is all that I can share without there being a threat of archaeological misconduct.  I do want to say that these holes (shown directly above) have completely gone through the “process” which includes: digging, cleaning, picture taking, drawing, coloring, describing and destroying.  These holes have been “destroyed” – we’re paid to make holes look pretty and then destroy them.  I just want to make sure there is no confusion since I take pride in our nice, beautiful holes in the ground.  Have I wasted your time?  Probably.  But hey – I promised pictures and I take promises seriously (think, “furled eyebrows”).